Restore youthful looks

Restore youthful looks

Tailored treatment keeping the natural balance of your face

Cheek augmentation

Injection to lift and support the mid-face area

Cheek Fillers can be used to either replace volume loss in the cheeks, or to add projection and contour the face. Dermaworks, provide high-quality cheek filler treatments to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Cheek Enhancement can also help to address other areas of ageing by lifting and supporting the mid-face area.

At Dermaworks we tailor your treatment depending on your age and desired look to ensure you receive the best results for your treatments, we take pride in providing the best wrinkle filler and cheek augmentation treatments available.

The Cheek Filler treatment helps restore a youthful look and glow by bringing the peak back to the surface and restores the volume from any hollowing. The results of the treatment are subtle, yet effective in keeping with the natural balances of the face.

Benefits of having a Cheek Filler treatment:

  • Replaces volume loss.
  • Adds projection to the cheek area.
  • Contours and adds structure to the face.
  • Helps to lift and support the mid face.
  • Makes the appearance of the face look more youthful.
  • Restores youth and glow by bring the peak back to the surface.
  • Restores the volume from hollowing.
Injection to lift and support the mid-face area