The importance of vitamins, diet and lifestyle

The importance of vitamins, diet and lifestyle

Give your immune system a boost

Health & wellbeing

Protection against a range of chronic conditions

Many clinicians now have a range of health and wellbeing injections which offer an effective solution for those who need help in prioritising what’s important and can provide adequate protection against a range of chronic conditions.

Whether you’re struggling to manage the effects of a vitamin deficiency or merely looking to give your immune system a timely boost these injectable vitamins can help.

Vitamins are crucial to the body’s ability to remain healthy and functional. In their absence, it can be difficult for our internal systems to work as well as they can, which sometimes leads to many prominent health conditions and concerns. In most cases, following a balanced diet can provide us with the best chance of getting the vitamins we need, but there are instances where these can be obtained by taking additional supplements or receiving vitamin injections. Two of the most important vitamins for the maintenance of good mental and physical health are vitamin B-12 and vitamin C.

What is vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is more common than other B deficiencies and can be a crucial component in the production of energy, healthy brain function and red cell formation.

A deficiency in this type of vitamin can result in persistent feelings of lethargy and fatigue, regular bouts of constipation and substantial issues with memory and understanding.

Mouth ulcers, sleep problems, depression and Anaemia.

How often do I need B12 injections?

For the majority of people, we recommend once weekly for 4 weeks. If we are treating Pernicious Anaemia or autoimmunity then we may recommend twice weekly for 6-12 weeks.

If we are using B12 for non- medical conditions, you can have injections as you feel required throughout the year to maintain levels or give yourself a boost.

What is the cost?

See our fees page for the cost of B-12 injections, discounts are available for packages.

Please feel free to discuss this further with Ali in any Aesthetic appointment.

Protection against a range of chronic conditions